Batu Caves & A Trek to Tesco Gone Wrong

When in KL you must go to Batu Caves. It’s touristy and instagramy and annoying, but it must be seen. It’s an easy train ride from the city, and cheap, too!

It wasn’t that crowded when we arrived, but it was quite hot and we kind of wanted to die after climbing the stairs. There are rogue monkeys everywhere, and equally rogue tourists feeding them, petting them, trying to take photos with them. Not a good idea – rabies!

The inside of the cave is massive and about as expected, and houses a Hindu temple. I took a few photos of the temple inside…then I saw signs that said clearly “do not photograph the temple.”

Trekking To Tesco (Or Trying To)

We decided we wanted to go to Tesco (a grocery store) nearby after our tourist stop, but couldn’t decide if we should stay longer at the infamous caves. We didn’t want to stay, but it seemed dumb to leave after 30 minutes…especially since it took longer than that to arrive. So we stood outside the caves and argued about what to do for a while. At which time we missed the train. Not wanting to wait another hour for the next train, we decided to walk a mere 2 miles to the Tesco. How hard could that be?

We walked in an open sewer. We walked around the perimeter of a locked parking garage. We tried to open the gate to cut through the parking garage, but that didn’t work out. We walked on crumbling sidewalk with gaping holes, on the side of a high-speed entry ramp to a highway (at this pont we could nearly see Tesco and were feeling enraged and bold). We walked on overpasses over the highway, through scary trash piles and past stray likely-rabid dogs. We walked into a secluded shipping/trucking area where people were loading goods onto trucks. By people I do mean 100% men 0% women and -20% tourists. We walked into a desolate neighborhood, lined by a weird cement wall, where people stared at us as they biked by. We walked by some hourly rate motels. We squatted outside said hourly rate motels and tried to use the unsecured wi-fi. We waited by a bus station and debated getting on a random bus hoping it went back to the train station. We decided getting on a random bus was a worse idea than walking to Tesco.

Finally, we walked back to the train. Straight down a standard sidewalk on a standard road. It only took about 20 minutes. Turns out, we’d made a highly questionable 2+ hour navigational error. In the end, we never went to Tesco.

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