Sneaky Places To Hide Valuables In Your Room

In This Post: Creative and sneaky-ish places to hide your valuables in your room. For those times when the hostel doesn’t have a locker and/or you’re just paranoid.

While traveling, it’s often advisable not to carry many (or any) valuables with you when you go out, but instead leave them behind in your accommodation. While this is generally safe, when you’re backpacking and/or on a budget, sometimes the accommodation itself isn’t super-secure. This means hiding your valuables is essential, or at very least advisable.

Often getting stuff out of sight is the most important deterrent, but for those more valuable possessions (IE Passport) or those seeking more peace of mind about leaving their pricey computer behind, there are some great places you can easily stash your stuff.

Tips For Hiding Items In General

Use The Locker

If there is a locker available, use it! Then you don’t need to worry about hiding things at all.

Get It Out Of Sight

Most people aren’t thieves, and many thefts occur only due to an opportunity that seems maybe a little bit too good to pass up (like a wad of cash on the table). So, the first tip is simply to put anything of value out of sight. Don’t leave your wallet on the desk, put your camera in your backpack. If anyone enters or passes by, nothing will catch their eye.

Bury It In A Bag

If I need to leave my big backpack behind and simply cannot carry my laptop or other valuables with me, I ensure valuable items are buried deep within my backpack. Then, I secure the buckles and the rain cover over top. Unless someone really starts rifling through, it’s unlikely they’ll discover my stuff easily (as opposed to if I left them in a tote or backpack pretty easily accessible).

Tips For Hiding Your Laptop

Between The Bedsheets

Sometimes I’ll stash my laptop beneath the comforter, or even between the sheet and mattress. Smooth the bed back up and it’s pretty much undetectable unless someone is really looking.

In A Sweatshirt

Sometimes I zip my laptop up in a sweatshirt and either fold that and leave it in the closet or shove it back in my bag with my other clothes.

Tips For Hiding Your Credit Card/ID/Wallet

Hide It Among Clothes

Put it between folded clothes, and then put those back into the packing cube. It’s a pain, but it conceals valuable items well. Just remember which clothing items you hid stuff in, or you could be digging around later. You can also put stuff in your pocket. Sometimes I zip cash into a jacket pocket or put it in a jeans pocket and then put the clothes back into my bag.

Hide It Between Book Pages

Thin items – a bill or single credit card – can be easily concealed within the pages of a book if you are in a risky area for theft.

Use a Feminine Product

Sometimes I hide credit cards within the wrapper of a feminine item. Who is going to look there? Noone. Hiding items in folded underwear, toiletry cases, or other “private” possessions may do the trick, too. 

The Dirty Clothes Bag

Ew! I know. But it’s unlikely a thief will begin their search by rifling through your dirty laundry. As cringe-worthy as it sounds, I have certainly hidden stuff in dirty socks in the dirty bag, and even put my larger items (IE: Camera) among the dirty clothes if I had to go out. It’s both random and gross, and an unlikely area to be discovered.