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Learn To Travel

Want to hit the road but not sure how? Worried about money and staying “in budget?” Scared to go all by yourself, or that you’ll be constantly harassed or maybe even kidnapped? Plus tips on dressing, friendship, and finding food.

Find Uncommon Sights

Ready to throw out the Lonely Planet and escape the hoards of tourists? Want to veer off the beaten path and experience something different? World’s largest anything, roadside oddities, and other strange sights.

Look At Pictures

Looking for travel inspiration? Want to see real, not ridiculously-posed and edited-for-Instagram photos? Maybe you actually know me and want to see what I’ve been up to, or perhaps you’re just a fan of photography.

Anecdotes & Stories

Sometimes I write blog posts. Usually I am too lazy busy exploring.

About This Website

Who the heck is “Katie,” and what exactly is she exploring?