About Me

Budget backpacker travel girl leaning out of train with graffiti.

Greetings! I’m Katie, and I’ve always loved exploring.

I spent the past 10 (+) years squeezing as much travel as possible into my “normal” life. After countless insane and insanely rushed trips (such as a casual weekend in Scandinavia and a solo 4,000 mile road trip to an oil field in North Dakota), it became obvious my curiosity to see everything was not going away. It also became clear I needed more time to explore than my 9-to-5 could ever allow. After years of debating, I finally decided to see if I could make my dream a reality. In April 2018 I quit life as I knew it and purchased a 1-way ticket to South America. I’ve been on the go ever since.

About My Site

I aim to offer a realistic glimpse into life on the road, from the amazing experiences (like a local market on top of active train tracks), to the not-so-pleasant realities (such as 30-hour bus rides with chickens and rogue children peeing on you). If you’re looking for popular tourist activities or detailed “how to” instructions, this isn’t the site for you. But if you’re in the market for unique sights/oddities, alarmingly cheap behaviors, slightly anti-backpacker sentiment, and visits to questionable abandoned places, you’re in luck.

Follow me as I spend countless hours on filthy buses, examine mattresses for bedbugs, eat way too much peanut butter, frequently become convinced I am going to die, and do many other things in between.