The Beginning: En Route to South America

Welcome to the first official post of my blog, as our journey begins! Our trip started relatively uneventfully, with only some minor incidents along the way:

  • 6 hours before we left Sarah lost her cell phone. It was recovered in the makeup aisle behind some eyeliner thank god, but the panic was extreme
  • When boarding the fight, it became apparent I printed the incorrect Visa documents. I had to hurriedly use the airline’s customer service desk computer, but was flustered and couldn’t find the document in my email so the desk agent had to browse my email for me
  • About halfway through the flight, Sarah nearly passed out for no apparent reason
  • Onboard the plane someone peed in the bathroom floor and I stepped in it by accident (vile)
  • When getting up to stretch my legs, my earphones got caught on my jacket and I mistakenly whipped the sleeping man in front of me in the head
  • Then I spilled an entire cup of water on my body

Once we landed things got a lot less crazy, and we navigated to our hostel successfully!

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