Transit Highlights: 9kg of Laundry and 22 Hours on the Bus

Countries Brazil & Argentina | Dates May 3-4 | Accommodation Wyndham Foz Iguazu

Yes, you read that right. We finally stayed at a hotel! But first, we grabbed our 9kg of laundry from the lavanderia. It was clean and fresh and Sarah repeatedly smelled the laundry bag (not right). While preparing to walk 35 minutes with our bags, I stated: “thinking about this walk makes me want to die.” Other hostel patrons stared at us as we were deranged and Sarah was actively inhaling the laundry.

Hotel Fees

Upon arrival we were faced with an unexpected hotel fee for 2 people in the same room. What?! Obviously not in budget, I tried to argue (unsuccessfully). In the end we accepted the fee. In anger I ate all the orange candies at the desk and drank 3 cups of free coffee even though it was 6pm. 

Finally in a clean and private room, we washed many things and showered for 30+ minutes each. For dinner we went to an exceptionally good local buffet, Tropicana, where we legitimately ate 4 meals each (allotted meal out for the week means you must overeat and get value) of amazing rice, beans, yams, churrascaria meats, fruits, and other items. Plus a wild dessert buffet with the brigedara (chocolate cake/ball with sprinkles) and tapioca. On our way home we saw some youths getting patted down by police. Walking by a gas station, the attendants stared at us and started singing “linda” under their breath.

Dates May 4-5 | Accommodation Rio to Uruguay Bus

We took a cab across the border to the Argentina bus station. The downtown was much cuter and smaller than the Brazil side, with tourist shops and many a restaurant.

Next Up? A 17-hour turned 18.5-hour bus ride, followed by a 1 1/4 hour ferry ride, followed by 3 more hours on the bus! Onboard the bus, Sarah got super into a murder mystery film. She was distressed when we had to switch buses and miss the end. Later she VPN-ed into Netflix to watch the last 10 min. As we were switching buses, she also nervously asked the man “los maletas?” (the bags?) as if they would be left behind. They were not left behind. Also he laughed at us. In the night, a piece of the girl’s hair in front of us fell onto the seat.

For dinner we ate off vile grey trays (stored on the bus floor!), being served more food than we had in days. We stashed the extras for later. For some reason, it was wet/humid inside the bus.

Upon arrival I tried to pee in the bus station (had not peed for 19+ hours) but a homeless women was bathing herself in the sink with free soap so I left. We then went to the ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia, then the bus to Montevideo.

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