A Rainy Day In Keelung City Taiwan

Keelung City is located north of Taipei, a quick-ish train ride away from the city. Having pre-booked too short of a stay in Taiwan huge mistake), we didn’t have time to head south to Taichung so we went to Keelung instead.  It’s not really a tourist destination, but everything felt very authentic. We began our walk to the train, picking up some good value bubble tea (as usual). En route we spotted a group of men playing the lottery, then another group involved in a strange jewelry auction. We also passed some alarming mannequins.

Upon arrival we wandered through alleys, got greedy with the food and tried many things. We ate the “best noodles ever” and the “best dumplings.” At this time, we also mistook red bean for chocolate. Ew. Everyone was nice, and later the noodle man approached us in the road to offer sightseeing suggestions! We encountered some weird signs about not feeding pigeons, a soy sauce spill, and some ancient ATMs in our wanderings.

Later, as we wandered the alleys we heard the sound of music coming for a long time and followed it, expecting a cool venue. Eventually, we realized it was a trash truck informing businesses of its arrival for trash collection. Cool! As it approached, there was a flurry of activity towards it.

After this we walked up some steep concrete stairs to a temple, and no one was there due to the rain. I then used up all our money buying $2 flip flops. On the way back on the train Sarah slept and injured her neck.

[Visited March 2019]

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