Nusa Penida Indonesia: Home To The World’s Most Beautiful Beach?

Picking the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to is a hard task, but Nusa Penida, located between Bali and Lombok Indonesia, just might be #1 on my list — at least for now (this one is a close second).

You can explore the island by driving yourself on a motorbike, which I do not recommend unless you actually know how to drive a motorbike for real. The roads are horrific and dangerous – full of potholes, windy and very steep. If you don’t feel like risking your life, you can hire a legitimate driver to take you around. Although to be fair my mototaxi driver still seemed quite unsafe.

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is getting popular, but when I was there it luckily wasn’t too overrun! The view from the top is impressive, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can climb down. It’s quite treacherous and rocky, legitimately difficult, and getting back up is kind of like actual rock climbing. I was covered in sweat and dirt and a tad bit of blood by the end, but the pristine beach is worth the effort.

The tide is very, and I mean very, strong down there. In the hour I was at the beach several people were suddenly pulled out, unable to get back in, and had to be rescued. It was terrifying and maybe not a great idea to swim (to be clear I tried to swim anyway).

 Diamond Beach

My favorite beach was Diamond Beach, which may just be the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. I mean look at the photo. The climb down is slightly treacherous, but there are proper stairs and a rope to hold on to. The current was strong, but survivable.

[Unknown] Island Viewpoint

An unknown viewpoint on the island. As the heading clearly states.

Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is the most popular swimming beach on Nusa Penida, as it’s very calm and safe with crystal clear waters where and you can sit/swim/float with ease. There are some small beach bars and chairs for rent, which were obviously not in my budget. Instead I sought shelter under a massive rock and ate hoarded snacks from my bag for zero dollars.

Crystal Cove

Tourists abound at this rocky viewpoint with strong waves…

Broken Beach

This beautiful stop is near Crystal Cove. You certainly cannot go down onto the beach, but there is a walkway with views and some rogue cattle along it.

Teletubbies Hill (Not A Beach…)

This is not a beach, but is on Nusa Penida near the beaches. It’s allegedly the mountainous area where that disturbing opening scene from the show Teletubbies was filmed! My motortaxi driver insisted on taking me here, although I told him 6+ times I did not care to see the hill.  Apparently it’s a weird popular tourist attraction (Tripadvisor even says so).

At some point I got tired of arguing with him, and now I can say I have visited the very exciting Teletubbies Hill.

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