Visiting 2 Sri Lankan Tea Factories

A look inside two Sri Lankan tea factories – Dambatenne and Kellibebbe – located nearby to Haputale, Sri Lanka. Photography was technically disallowed, which is why some photos are haphazardly composed and/or a bit blurry.

Brown dust coats army green clothing; hair contained in the pouf of shower caps.

Particulates of tea concentrated in the air, a thick haze.

Tea arranged in neat rectangles and squares, 2 inches high on the tiled factory floor.

A women crouching among tea laves, shoving them into a round hold in the floor where they drop…into a spinner below.

Massive troughs of leaves, 100 feet long, with air circulating beneath.

Metal machinery whirring, untouched by technology; very much still functioning yet frozen in time.

Paper bags, 65kg each, heavy with leaves.

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