Roaming Around A Royal Town: Kuala Kangsar

While in Perakwe tried to go to Taiping three times. We failed three times (full trains). And so instead went to Kuala Kangsar – the Royal Town of Perak, how cool! It preserves an old-world Malaysian feel unlike anything I have ever experienced, and boasts many old royal buildings as the name promises. A quick look, in photos…

Kuala Kangsar: First Look

Royal Buildings of Kuala Kangsar

Present Day Streets of Kuala Kangsar

Be sure to stop at the Ais Kepal Milo Pekat Meleleh shop for the best food item IN THE ENTIRE WORLD — shaved ice with melted milo chocolate atop it. So good we ate about 25 in the weeks following our discovery of the milo kepal, but this is the best one.

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