Pristine & Planned: Putrajaya Malaysia

Putrajaya is a quick 15 minutes south of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, and accessible from the city’s public transit. Putrajaya is a fully planned city that was founded in 1995. It serves as Malaysia’s administrative center, moved out of Kuala Lumpur due to congestion and traffic. Putrajaya is neighbors with Cyberjaya (yes, that is the real name) another planned city home to many tech businesses. And yes, Malaysia continues to be a weird place…

Putrajaya: Massive, Green and Pristine

A day in the city with a new friend revealed quite a different side of Malaysia than we’d seen before!

Masjid Putra

The Masjid Putra or Putra Mosque is a centerpiece of the city, its beautiful pink angles changing color depending on the light.

Water and Green Spaces

Putrajaya is dubbed the “garden city” and 38% of it is reserved for green areas. There are massive waterways with paths around them, as well as many massive parks and gardens. The town was built on land where rubber and oil palms used to be!

Administrative Capital

Putrajaya replaced KL as Malaysia’s administrative capital, and contains many huge and pristine governmental buildings. Since 1999, the Prime Minister’s office has been located in Putrajaya.

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