Bars, Mosques and More in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of those places I’d heard of, without ever actually knowing where it was. Imagine my surprise when I learned it was in Malaysia! Kuala Lumpur, commonly  known as “KL,” is Malaysia’s capital and has tons to offer…as I will outline in a lovely list.

Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur

Watch the Sun Set [And See the Petronas Towers] From a Sky Bar

And take tons of hideous selfies which you will never share with anyone. Obviously, you should look at the window at the Petronas Towers too. There is a cool fountain show if you look down!

Enjoy Free Drinks for “Ladie’s Night” At a Sky Bar

Yes, they are zero dollars and yes, they are unlimited. We were shocked, and glad we braved the ongoing rain to check it out the bar at the Trader’s Hotel, Wednesday night. We did not have such good luck at the Helicopter Bar and left promptly without making a purchase.

Go Shopping. Use Free Nailpolish Samples. Do Whatever at the KLCC.

The KLCC is a massive mall, surrounded by some other massive malls.

Run, or Take Photos of Unsuspecting Passers-By, In the KLCC Park

There is a nice, albeit very short, running track in the park. There are many places to sit and people watch. If you are feeling ambitious, you can combine the two and observe the ongoings in the park while you stretch.

Check Out a Mosque Or Museum or Market

There are some beautiful mosques in the city, from Masjid Jamek to the National Mosque of Malaysia. There is also the National Textiles Museum nearby, which explains intricate cloth-dying methods and is quite interesting. There is a local Market outside the Masjid Jamek on a specific weekday, I want to say it’s called a prayer market but the Internet says that is wrong, which is full of authentic foods and people (and not so full of American tourists).

Visit A Surprisingly Spectacular Speakeasy (And Alliterate About Attending)

There are some awesome bars in KL, which was a surprise given it’s a muslim country and as such drinking isn’t a focus. By far our favorite was PS150 in Chinatown. It’s a proper speakeasy, hidden behind the facade of a toy shop. It also has proper prices, but after weeks of not drinking as we wandered through small-town Malaysia a drink (or 3) was in budget. We also went to a death-themed bar, The Deceased, and one called Omakase + Appreciate located behind a “no admittance” sign down a dark (sketchy) alley. The latter was weird, so we left and conducted some 11pm grocery shopping instead which also required strolling in a sketchy deserted road in the rain.

Also worth noting is the old Merchant’s Lane coffee shop, located in an old brothel! The building is amazing, and the restaurant next door looks very cool too.

Wander Around At Night And Feel Mildly Unsafe

By day KL felt OK. By Night, meh, it depended where you were. Naturally we found ourselves in dark, deserted places alone by mistake for some reason. What else is new. If you want to venture at night some places to check out include Chinatown, Petaling Street, and the Alor Street Food Night Market.

Take Obnoxious Photos By the I <3 KL Sign

If you are feeling extra touristy. Which, apparently we were. I’d skip the museum next to the sign though, as from a quick glance at the lobby it looked very strange.

Visit Batu Caves. Because You Have To.

When in KL you must go to Batu Caves. It’s touristy and instagramy, but it must be done. So it was. Check out this dedicated post on Batu Caves and most importantly our failed attempt to walk on foot from the caves to Tesco (grocery store).

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