Paraty Miram: Wrong Bus, Right Hostel

Country Brazil | Dates April 26-27 | Accommodation ReMo Hostel

After a morning at the beach in Ubatuba we trekked 30 minutes to town with our bags to the bus. We made it with 10 minutes to spare and bought our tickets to Paraty (Oceanio line, 4 buses per day, about $4 US). I allowed Sarah to go to the store alone and she purchased a sweet peanut butter bar thing for lunch (not in budget!) and ate it on the bench, while our bodies were wet with sweat. The ride was a bit over an hour, with windows open and beautiful beach views.

Upon arrival at the chaotic bus station in Paraty we navigated to the local bus to our hostel. 40 minutes later our bus was turning back down the large mountain it previously scaled and I was about to puke, and we realized something was not right. We’d boarded the wrong bus (neglected to look at the sign)! Eventually we made it, and our hostel was one of the best I’ve ever stayed in. Nestled in the trees, the entire house was made of bamboo and open air, with mosquito nets around the beds and little sheets for door curtains. We hung downstairs with everyone in the amazing atmosphere til bed, spooned straight peanut butter for dinner, naturally, then awoke for a delicious homemade breakfast (breads, fresh juice of açaí, watermelon and lemon, and fresh passion fruit) and a relaxing morning.

“Desert Beach”

We hiked to a local “desert beach” (aka deserted beach). We obviously made several errors and went down the wrong path 3 times winding up: next to a school, at someone’s house where a feral cat tried to attack (not really, it was a pet), stepping on glass (blood wound), and crossing a very treacherous bridge of unstable wire and planks. Finally, we found the right path after 1.5 hours (legit next to the hostel). We were almost to the Praia (beach in Portuguese) when we heard someone approaching with what sounded like a hacking machete. We got scared and turned back.

Paraty Miriam Beach

Instead we headed up the road to the public beach, as it was easier and less terrifying. It was not crowded but a few people made it safe yet still private. We swam, shelled, and I attempted to ford a large river to a desert beach. It was more green than blue water, definitely due to the intersection with the river, and felt very natural, indeed.

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  1. I’m sitting outside at Patika with an iced latte – mid 80s and sunshine! Loving this article and laughing my ass off while people around me are trying to enjoy the serene outdoors.

    That hostel is so gorgeous! Crazy they consider that a hostel.

    Glad to see you’re enjoying yourselves, great reads 🙂

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