Paraty & Trindade: Beach, Brigadeiros and Blood

Country Brazil | Dates April 27-29 | Accommodation Che Lagarto Hostel, Macabéa hostel e Pousada

Paraty is a beautiful historical town on the water. White houses and buildings, brightly painted doors and lampposts line cobblestone streets in the historic part of downtown. At night, vendors sell jewelry, baskets and goods; delicious sweets sold out of square carts with bright lights (the amazing Brigadeiro); and children run around.

Our first night we got some unknown vile shots for free from our hostel, then retired to our room with rusty-ish beds and an unsanitary bathroom. Girls stayed out until 1pm doing who knows what and awoke us upon their return.

Trindade Beach

The next morning we woke up and decided to split up! My sister wanted waterfalls, while I wanted beach, so we gorged ourselves on free breakfast and parted ways. I took a bus to Trindade, a beautiful town and beach 40 minutes away, and met a new friend onboard the bus! We trekked past the crowded spots through a treacherous-ish muddy woods path to a more private beach, then spent the day on the beach swimming..and reading a god-awful book about the Red Hot Chili Peppers that was missing several chapters and stained (found in hostel – only item in English). We then trekked again what was labeled 650km but was actually a 2 mile forested path, barefoot as it was intense, to a secluded natural pool swim area. Unfortunately it was a holiday and not-so-secluded slash overrun with people. We climbed about anyway, and got several blood wounds on the sharp rocks as we slipped about.

The line for the bus back was HUGE, so my friend approached a random van going back to the city and asked if we could catch a ride. We stood on the side of the overcrowded van with many locals, arriving well ahead of the bus!

For dinner we cooked eggs at the hostel (sick) and went for a stroll in old town, followed by some beer on the beach at a bar called Geko Chill. We sat in the sand and listened to local music, drank beer from our bottles, and tried a delicious drink called the Gabriella that our new friend got for us. Overall a super-fun night!

Girls standing in front of light blue doorways on cobblestone street at night in Paraty.

Next morning we got up early, tried a new tapioca pancake-like item at breakfast, and walked to the fort. We didn’t purchase bus tickets in advance and it was full, so we waited 1.5 hours at the station. I made travel bracelets and Sarah felt ill and nearly vomited. Then we got the bus to Rio.

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